This project was born from a personal need that arose when we moved Claudia from the co-sleeping crib to her single bed. We were very clear that we wanted to follow the Montessori methodology so we didn’t hesitate when buying a Tipi bed. The problem was that Claudia was only 8 months old and there was no type of protection that would adapt to the Tipi bed and thus prevent our little girl from hitting her head.

At Natalroll we are a family that, not finding what they were looking for, decided to create the products to our liking. Protective cushions of different sizes that are safe, comfortable and for this we choose the most beautiful fabrics we could find. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the baby and respect for the environment without this being at odds with the design.


All our products are designed and manufactured in Spain.

#quality and commitment
We select the workshops with which we collaborate according to criteria of professionalism, commitment and quality.

We collaborate with workshops in Barcelona that make our products in a traditional way.

We work directly without intermediaries, which allows us to generate employment and offer a fair price for the product.

We obtain inspiration in the design of our products in the Montessori method that favours personal development, independence, freedom with limits, respect in natural psychology and the physical and social development of the child.

#innovation and design
Design is essential in the making of our products. We believe that the children’s sector is not at odds with fashion and decoration, so our products are perfectly integrated into the home.

¡Every season we launch new collections according to the fashion trend, always thinking about those proposals that you may like the most!

#the safety of our little ones the main thing
We prioritize the safety of our little ones and that is why none of our products contain a zipper.

Natalroll’s design allows you to see your baby at all times while lying in bed.